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Auto Logistics Division

The Auto Logistics Division was formed in 2002 in response to the imminent liberalisation of the automobile industry in Malaysia, whereby our management foresaw opportunities to expand our logistics solutions in this market. Within a short span of a few years of its existence, our Auto Logistics Division has emerged as one of a leading automobile related logistics service provider in Malaysia. Currently, our Auto Logistics Division is serving a number of world's leading automotive manufacturers as our customers.

The Auto Logistics Division is located in the Klang Valley.

Our Auto Logistics Division provides a full range of automobile related logistics services, including:-

  • custom broking for CBU vehicles and CKD parts
  • bonded and non-bonded storage for CBU and CKD vehicles
  • JIT parts distribution
  • transportation by car carrier
  • value-added services such as pre-delivery inspection, washing, de-waxing, polishing and general technical services.

Our Auto Logistics Division operates two (2) auto logistics centres for our auto related logistics services, namely Vehicles Distribution Centre ( VDC ) in Port Klang and Pre-Delivery Inspection ( PDI ) centre in Bangi. VDC is a strategically located modern warehouse of approximately 31,600 sq m. It comprises of a covered storage yard of 13,300 sq m, an open storage yard of around 9,400 sq m and another 5,000 sq m for receiving, delivery preparation and administrative activities. PDI centre covers an area of approximately 34,600 sq m. It has a 18,000 sq m covered PDI services area and an open space storage yard of 16,500 sq m. This centre mainly caters for pre-delivery inspection services prior to delivery to dealers.

The key differentiating factor of our Auto Logistics Division in the logistics industry is its global logistics network. Typically, automotive manufacturers operate in many different parts of the world, and parts are manufactured or sourced from different countries. The challenge faced by the manufacturers is to maintain the huge volume of parts at minimal inventory levels, while to ensure that there is no shortage occurred for any single part.  

Hence, automotive manufacturers normally look for only total logistics solutions providers with strong international connection and networks when considering the outsourcing of logistics activities, since these TLSPs are typically the only logistics solutions providers which can provide global end-to-end supply chain solutions. Working synergistically with NYK Group, our Auto Logistics Division is able to provide a range of logistics solutions to meet these logistics challenges while considering each customer's specific business requirements.

Depending on the geographical locations of the consignee/shippers, all enquires should be directed to :

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